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The Project Team

Project team organization chart

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In addition to sharing a campus in North Oshawa, including many campus spaces and facilities, UOIT and DC share a commitment to providing students with innovative and rewarding post-secondary education.

As part of that commitment, the college and university also share a need to provide new classrooms, laboratories and infrastructure required to support the learning of future students, teachers and researchers.

To support this important and necessary growth DC and UOIT are working together on a Campus Master Plan designed to address the future expansion and needs of both institutions including decisions on:

  • The best location on our properties for building new facilities.
  • How to effectively use our existing space.
  • The planning of transportation routes to align with neighbouring communities.
  • The type of campus infrastructure required.

We would like to thank community members, employees and students for their participation and feedback throughout this process, which helped to form the principles outlined in the CMP.

The Consultants

In August 2013, MMM Group Limited, in association with Educational Consulting Services (ECS) and Ken Greenberg Consultants Inc., were retained to lead the Campus Master Plan process. These consultants helped to deliver a compelling and relevant visual concept that is realistic and implementable, together with timeline and decision making recommendations that will ensure successful implementation.